This 1930s house in Adelaide’s inner suburbs was carefully designed and just as carefully built. The Great Depression and its lingering effects meant that not many high quality homes were built in the 30’s decade. This stylish home is one of the few.

The careful design and detailing became obvious when we literally ‘unpicked’ one end of the house in order to attach a double garage. The style of the house has connections to the Spanish treatment popular in California from the 1920s and in Australia some years later. The exterior is stuccoed, with finely textured plaster to the internal walls. There is extensive dark timber panelling and coffered ceilings in the reception rooms. Externally, there are deep porches, arched doorways and red tiling to the roof. Oddly, there are Georgian touches as well, in both detail and proportion.

It would be interesting to do a little research on the history of this house; why it was designed in this way..

The extension to the building is prominent and at one end of the rectangular front elevation. I want to be sure that I don’t upset the balance of the original design. This concern extends to the panelling on the garage door, which I’ve made proportionate to the panels on the front door. It’s only a garage, granted, but even a small addition to a house has the potential to affect the whole, mopre so in the case of a delicate design such as this.

We’re saving from the demolition two columns from the old porch as well as a wrought iron gate. These elements will be incorporated, seamlessly we hope, into the extended building in such a way that they will look as though they’ve always been there. We’ll see how it goes.


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